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SRLT has formulated a unique two-in-one structure that consists of a commission-buying entity that is set up to save you at least 50% on your acreage acquisition compared to the normal day-rate buyer model.

The other side of our business model is full land and title company that can handle all your needs
leading up to the production phase.

Our leasing and acquisitions is a strategic planning process that includes the following:

  • Leasing & HBP Acquisitions for grassroots projects, competitive plays and targeted pursuits

  • Mineral and royalty scouting

  • Mineral and royalty buying

  • Right of way acquisitions

  • Surface inspection

  • Wind and solar Contracts

  • Water rights

  • Securing end-of-term renewal

  • Top leasing

  • Lease records/database support

  • OCC

Our title side provides the following:

  • Due diligence

  • Abstracting and digital imaging

  • Full ownership reports

  • OCC Respondence

  • Pooling elections

  • Regulatory

  • Title curative

  • Well preparation

Business Handshake
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